Secrets about Redefining Luxury during Pandemic at the Firangipani

Secrets about Redefining Luxury during Pandemic at the Firangipani


At Present time, all the hotels and other hospitality units take appropriate measures to restrict any further transmission of COVID-19 while providing accommodation. At The Firangipani- Country Resort, we are implementing enhanced hygiene and safety protocols to provide guests with peace of mind when visiting us during ‘the new normal.’ We implement all possible physical contacts between Staff and our customers and also maintain social distancing and other security measures against COVID-19.

We implement all the required elements of this policy which include physical distancing, hand washing, regular use of hand sanitizers, sterilizing of operational equipment, and a disciplined schedule of staff training, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation). 

We have constituted a dedicated staff who take care of all the precautions and Particular emphasis has been given to the cleanliness of the public areas which are being disinfected thrice a day using recommended chemicals. We take care of every possible precaution to ensure that we provide you welcoming place to stay, where guests can enjoy peace of mind; a welcome escape from the worries of the world.

By implementing all these safety precautions, we establish more personal relationships with guests and also create unique experiences.

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