Multi Cuisine Restaurant

The Firangi Pani

Country Resort 



7:00am till  10:00am


12:00pm till 3:00pm


7:00pm till 11:00pm


All time


At Firangipani, it represents a sophisticated selection of fine cooking which is applicable to the city’s reputation as one of the region’s most rich and famous culinary destinations. It pampers customers with the help of the delightful journey of flavors, from our reputed restaurant. It reflects the entire community itself with its variety and cultural diversity. It provides every type of variety from the low end through to the high end so every kind of person whether he is local or visitor, it considered being the perfect place to dine out. It is the Top Hotel of Patiala which provides a good range of ‘styles’ as well whether it will be casual, formal, cultural and occasional settings available which suit many different occasions. Many owners provide best restaurant deals just so they can offset the reduced sale s. They are already aware that when consumers tightening their belts when they come to spend, their business would suffer. Hence, they had to think freely and give what consumers need without inflicting much damage on their revenues. Fortunately, this innovative way helps to keep business buoyant and all our customers are satisfied. The specialty of this restaurant can be found by offering contemporary Western cuisine and dishes. Additionally, its eye-catching interior décor provides a sophisticated ensemble of nature and high styling, this restaurant, and bar offers all-day dining and an ever-evolving wine list. At last, this restaurant deserves its five-star rating and considered be Best Restaurant in Patiala. The services of The Frangipani are flawless and the atmosphere is extremely peaceful. The staff is highly knowledgeable and the wine pairings complete each dish. This restaurant is not cheap but it is worth fully for you.