Secrets about Redefining Luxury during Pandemic at the Firangipani


At Present time, all the hotels and other hospitality units take appropriate measures to restrict any further transmission of COVID-19 while providing accommodation. At The Firangipani- Country Resort, we are implementing enhanced hygiene and safety protocols to provide guests with peace of mind when visiting us during ‘the new normal.’ We implement all possible physical contacts between Staff and our customers and also maintain social distancing and other security measures against COVID-19.

We implement all the required elements of this policy which include physical distancing, hand washing, regular use of hand sanitizers, sterilizing of operational equipment, and a disciplined schedule of staff training, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation). 

We have constituted a dedicated staff who take care of all the precautions and Particular emphasis has been given to the cleanliness of the public areas which are being disinfected thrice a day using recommended chemicals. We take care of every possible precaution to ensure that we provide you welcoming place to stay, where guests can enjoy peace of mind; a welcome escape from the worries of the world.

By implementing all these safety precautions, we establish more personal relationships with guests and also create unique experiences.

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Summer Pool Party

Let’s Splash at your Summer Pool Party- Firangipani


Pool Party: In summertime especially in summer vacations, everyone wants to hang out or want to have a party with friends or with family. So at that time, it’s a better option to splash in the pool. It provides sight of relief to the visitors after their chaotic weekdays and makes their weekends tremendous. In that kind of event, there is also a calming and revitalizing effect of a great brunch, delicious mocktails and unlimited DJ wandering about are hard to overstate.

Now, if you want to make your weekends marvelous with summer pool party one of the best ways to kick start by heading down at the pool. Here continuous rainwater and DJ provide the complement to the scenes surrounding the pool.

Are you excited to attend the pool party? then don’t worry The Firangipani– Country resort in Patiala will organize the pool party this summer with great bash. The Hard Rock resort has the right to claim this as one of their best inventions. Running until dusk all the way from midday, this event will really consider as the best event throughout Punjab.

The blue pool provides a much more modest environment to help you chill the day before away. There will huge hit with the crowd; the cabanas are shattered up quickly, so it’s worth it. With DJ you will make your party atmosphere enjoyable.

With all these fun and lavish pool will help to make a marvelous day at Firangipani. So don’t delay and register yourself to participate in this event.

The Firangipani Country Resort welcomes you to the Pool Party. It’s time to explore shades of blue at The Firangipani’s rejuvenating pool while enjoying the beats of DJ.

Munch on your delicious food the way you want it and whenever you wish to have it.


Book Tickets: Book now

Entry Pass – INR 299/- inclusions

– Rain Dance
– DJ
– Unlimited Fun


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holi at firangipani

The Holi Celebration At The Firangipani – The Carnival of Colors


The Holi Bash At The Firangipani – The Carnival of Colors


Soak yourself in the colorful splash of music and get delighted as the Season of Bloom has arrived!!

Spruce yourself up and get ready to witness The Heritage of Punjab amongst its own people as Holi – the festival of colors and love – unfolds in front of your eyes. So be a part of an extravaganza as we bring you a spectacular Holi celebration with lots of interesting things that will make you shed all your inhibitions and enjoy to the fullest.

So with Holi right around the corner, it is about time to get your plans in place!! An incredible Holi bonanza awaits you at The Firangipani Country Resort. So let’s paint this year’s Holi merriment with vibrant colors of togetherness. There is no better way to celebrate Holi than grooving to Bollywood and Punjabi Music which captures the very essence of our Festival of colors. Along with a stellar line-up, you will be witnessing lots of magnificent performances. Join us at The Firangipani Country Resort as we kick off this year with musical enigmas headlining the event LIVE.

Artists for the day:

  1. AKAAL

poonam sood at firangipani: akal at firangipani

  • Live Performances
  • Live Dhol
  • Electrifying Sound
  • Specially curated Food and Beverages
  • Rain Dance
  • Organic Colors
  • Unlimited Snacks – Veg & Non-Veg
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Hard Drinks
  • Amazing DJ
  • High Tech Security

holi special at firangipani

Unleash all the fun and smear gulal on everyone’s face. Brace yourself up for this humongous celebration combined with music and colors to encapsulate you with the perfect Holi vibe at The Firangipani County Resort. Come, celebrate and experience an exhilarating sense of rejuvenation at The Holi Bash.

Why be the last one to stand in the queue with heavy pockets to shell out, when you can easily be the first one to get your way to Punjab’s Largest Holi Party at The Firangipani Country Resort.

Book your Tickets fast:

Call On – 70681-70681

Website –

Date – 21st March 2019

Timing – 9:30am – 2:00pm

Venue – The Firangipani Country Resort

Address – The Firangipani, Srinagar-Kanyakumari Hwy, Khairpur Sheikhan, Punjab 1470417


Unpretentiously Elegant – Luxury delivered to our Rooms!!



Embrace your laid-back life, filled with the essence of calmness. So make your stay at THE FIRANGIPANI COUNTRY RESORT and experience the warmth of Indian Hospitality. The Firangipani’s Rooms are endowed with modern décor and luxurious bedding promising you the most fabulous stay.

‘Your body yawns when your mind screams for Bed Tea’ – So here is The Firangipani Country Resort providing an excellent in-room dining service. You want it, We have it!! – This is what makes us one of the Best Resort in Punjab. The Firangipani Country Resort is the right choice for the visitors who are searching for a combination of comfort, charm, peace and lots of fun.

‘Your Holiday, Your Itinerary’– Immerse yourself in a comfortable stay at The Firangipani Country Resort’s deluxe rooms where pleasingly ingenious and modish interiors pair perfectly with our lavishness and sophistication. Feel The Firangipani touch and live your extraordinary moments. Get captivated and experience a haven of relaxation as we present you a hub of solitude, rejuvenation, and refreshment.

‘A Tropical Paradise welcomes you with a new zest’ – The Lap of Luxury!!

Enjoy the essence of life as many surprises await you at The Firangipani Country Resort. Seize your holiday while reveling in warm sunshine and indulging in the extensive delectable affair at The Brunch in the sun at The Firangipani. There is nothing more beguiling than brunching in the winter sun while feasting on a tormenting fare.

‘Culinary excellence delivered to your rooms’ – Indulge in the paradigm of scrumptious pleasures at The Firangipani and relish all the authentic delicacies. Satiate your cravings with splendid festive exquisiteness featuring a variety of cuisines. Get an excellent service in your room with dishes garnished with a melange of flavors, our den of chefs works their magic making simple dishes an amazing culinary ode.

Spend your vacations coupled with soulful music at perfectly landscaped outdoors promising an eclectic stay experience. Experience an ambrosial stay at The Firangipani Country Resort with your loved ones and make your holiday a pure delight in the midst of excellent service and warm ambiance.

Book Your Rooms Fast!!

Call On – 70681-70681

 Venue – The Firangipani Country Resort

Address – The Firangipani, Srinagar-Kanyakumari Hwy, Khairpur Sheikhan, Punjab 1470417

Kitty Party At Firangipani

Wear your Heels coz’ it’s time to catch your Gossip Gang!


Wear your Heels coz’ it’s time to catch your Gossip Gang!
Take a captivating journey to the best resort in Punjab – The Firangipani Country Resort and enjoy the misty ambience. The Firangipani Country Resort is there to pamper you in every possible way with its classy décor. Ditch all your hangout stations, as we are up with the Top Resort providing luxurious spaces that are perfect for your Kitty Parties. So just unwind and get yourself relaxed with your Gossip Gang at The Firangipani with endless cuisines for your party.

So be ready to spend truckloads of good times at Firangipani, which has many more things to make your party a happening one – beautiful sun deck, crystal blue pool, lush green lawn, theatre style seating and poolside bar. Make your Kitty Party appetizing by delving into an array of flavours, specially crafted for you. The Firangipani Country Resort takes care of you well and therefore is offering discount on your Kitty Parties. So get ready and let your heels speak out loud on the DJ at the Gossip gang hangout.

So meet up at your very own Firangipani Country Resort for a perfect dining experience – with an ambience that will soothe you. Spend your time tucked in with comfort at the best resort in Patiala coz’ you will definitely love where our flavour takes you. Our deluxe interiors and amazing service will want you coming back to us for a taste that will take you higher. Enjoy the stunning winters at one of the cheapest resort and our services are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

HURRY UP!! Book Your Tables:-

  • Call On – 70681-70681 
  • Venue – The Firangipani Country Resort
  • Address – The Firangipani, Srinagar-Kanyakumari Hwy, Khairpur Sheikhan, Punjab 1470417
best hotel in punjab




The elegance view of this luxury resort framed this The Firangipani as an ideal luxury resort in the state of Punjab. The Firangipani Country Resort is located at a convenient drive of just 11 km away from Rajpura. It is quite obvious that you may get plenty of stay options in Punjab for spending your most luxurious weekend, but those 5-stars highly moderated resorts do not include the most relaxing stay. This resort offers a commodious and well-maintained garden where guests can take a long walk and experience the sheer luxury surroundings.

What makes you an extraordinary special?

Dining at Firangipani
The Firangipani is ideally situated in the lap of nature and is overlooked by the starlit sky. The lightings are the major source of attraction here; Firangipani is constructed with the highly moderate amenities with listen lightings that multiply the indulgence of The Firangipani Resort.
This resort is delighted with creatively styled and furnished suits, swimming zone, Spa Health Zone, Free-Parking Zone, Free Wi-Fi Zone, various sports and recreational activities walkways with a multi-cuisine mouth-watering taste of Punjab along with Bar for those who love spending bracing moments with their loved ones. Suits of The Firangipani Resort in Patiala are quite spacious and more comfortable than any other suits in Punjab.

Relax in the total comfort in these well-appointed rooms. Rooms are equipped with the modern amenities, running hot and cold water, fully air-conditioned suits, peaceful surroundings facing the panoramic views or Sunrise and Sunset. You will find everything you need under one roof. They come with the facility of with or without a kitchen that entirely depends on the guest’s choice. The sitting area includes sofas along with the most luxurious furniture’s. The parking zone is free for visitors and guests and can accommodate up to 1000+ vehicles. Enjoy free Wi-Fi Zone, unlimited downloading offered by this resort.
‘’Give Us A Chance to Serve You Best’’…

The firangipani country resort

The Most Romantic Budget Resort in Punjab


Why Firangipani is labeled as the land of heaven?

 Punjab offers the best of all worlds – a small town with huge populations known for its delicate taste and loud culture. It is surrounded by the beauty of the lush green lawn that can accommodate up to 1000 guests. Visitors all across the world are fond of exploring the culture and traditions of Punjab are on their way to plan the most relaxing vacations in this resort which facilitates them with the delightful luxury experience ever. This resort is famous for providing best quality services to their pre-existing customers and upcoming visitors. Well, if you are looking to make your weekend more exciting, then we advise you to fall into the adorable green lawns. 

The Firangipani offers an eclectic blend of appetizing taste, eye-catching views with luxury and modern amenities. Spending a cheerful vacation with Firangipani Country Resort is like a good dose of Vitamin Sea, a place with all the comfort you deserve. Get rid of a stressful modern life by diving in its wide sea-blue pool. Especially in warm sunny summers, you may undergo the embodiment of supernatural wonder and existence. You would definitely love taking a long leisurely swim or just lounge by the poolside of The Firangipani Resort capturing the glimpse of starlit sky. When it comes to the rate list, this resort is budget-friendly. You don’t need to panic about the high-rates which every luxury resort offers. You may enjoy the view of Green Fields, crisp green gardens along with natural refreshing fragrance.

The Most Romantic Budget Resort in Punjab | The Firangipani

luxury restaurant in patiala

It is amongst the most romantic destination in the state of Patiala (Punjab), an ideal place for honeymoon couples to spend the unforgettable days of their lives. The Firangipani is a paradise for newlyweds to begin their new life together with the greenery of Punjab. The prices in The Firangipani Resort are quite affordable which allows you to spend the most memorable honeymoon on a tight budget. This hotel offers well-designed and clean rooms overlooking the ambiance of the pool. It also consists of fine dining, a multi-cuisine restaurant with a variety of traditional and regional cuisine served by this resort. The Firangipani Country Resort is one of the breathtaking honeymoon resorts in North India.

Nothing beats than an experience of the first trip right after your marriage. Most of the resorts in Punjab are not filled with the facilities like spa, rejuvenating, ayurvedic and herbal massages by professionals, private pool, garden, lounge/bar, separate kitchens, clean rooms, and adventurous activities and so on. It is an advantage for those couples who love taking romantic walks in search of alone sometimes with the breathtaking views of greenery, hundreds of trees around the garden. You may enjoy capturing these views for future existence.




For booking and assistance CALL NOW +91-70681-70681

Address: The Firangipani, Srinagar – Kanyakumari Hwy, Khairpur Sheikhan, Punjab 140417

THE BEST HOTEL & RESORT IN PUNJAB | The Firangipani Country Resort


“Thinking of spending a holidays or want to take some days off from busy and hectic work schedule-Punjab is the dream destination of people who love adventure and admirer of nature.”

When you finally decide to spend your quality time of vacation with family to such a place; the other thing spring to our mind like where to go, what would be the budget of average good resorts and other facilities provided by these resorts. We are the industry experts handles the variety of accommodation facility that suits your taste and interest. You will experience an amazing and unforgettable memory here only in The Firangipani Country Resort.

When it comes to fun and adventure; why to compromise? From swimming pools to magnificent interior we take care of all the accommodation need of yours. We ensure you get best out of best whether it’s boutique hotels, luxury spa or picturesque resorts. Our luxury hotel is facilitated with greenly plants, tropical design, magnificent interior design, and glorious artificial lights at the evening makes all your imagination goes live.

The Firangipani Country Resort

Where adventure meets the fun- the luxurious lifestyle of India awaits you at the Best Resort & Spa in Rajpura, Punjab. If you have a passion for traveling, Firangipani will give your passion a purpose. The serenity of the extreme weather conditions of Punjab makes the vacation memorable, striking and long-lasting.
The panoramic view of blue water of swimming pool, eye soothing and mind relaxing sunset scene, lucrative design and a lot more fill your heart with great joy. Firangipani is there to take care of all your need from the best food & drink to cuisine during your stay with us.
What are you waiting for? Just Pack your bag and get ready for the wonderful night view sights and scenes of the exotic resort. Take a tour of resorts and experience the paradise of your vacation.

What will you find unique in The Firangipani Country Resort?

Best hotel and resorts in Punjab: With the increasing pollution, your lungs need a break from it, and you must visit the resorts in “the land of five rivers- Punjab” to breathe fresh air for at least a weekend. Why in Punjab? Because the vicinity of these resorts are the houses of more than a hundred trees. Hence it would be great for your health to stay there and take plenty of fresh air.

One Restaurant and numerous delights: Most of us are a foodie, and we are very selective when it comes to cuisine. Also, we want to taste every dish and finish it first we like the most. So it’s very important to visit a resort having a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to your country.

The Firangipani Country Resort has this very specialty providing the range of dishes like evergreen Butter Chicken, Bhuna Gosht, Tandoori Chicken and Amritsari Machchi, The embodiment of Punjabi cuisine Sarson ka Saag, Chole Bhature and Dal Makhni and many more using locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

And the good thing about it is that you will find this cooked stuff delicious and cheaper than any other places. I bet you would be delighted by the highly mannered staffs and chefs having the etiquettes to serve you better in your regional languages makes you feel no strange to this place and leaves memories lasts forever.

Time & Distance: Just an 11 Km drives away from Rajpura, The Firangipani Country Resort is situated on the Kanyakumari-Kashmir highway. Being a multicultural and Punjabi-linguistic city lures a large number of people not just from India but abroad as well. We have a big deal when it comes to time and distance. i.e., we are very choosy and eclectic in terms of picnic spots when it comes to time. People want to visit the places having better transportation reach so that they could go to the place swiftly and come back without making the journey a hassle for them. The nearest city Patiala is accessible easily from the roadway (2-hour drive from Chandigarh airport).
The Natural Scenes, Fresh air and Vibe Energy of The Firangipani Country Resort, Punjab will definitely help you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Why choose us:

We value your time and money, and that’s why providing the best accommodation at a genuine price is our sole priority. Being the famous resort of Punjab; The Firangipani Country Resort offers world class & exclusive services:

  • Best resorts in Punjab with private pool
  • Humble staffs
  • Various rooms and suits dedicated to your customized needs
  • Economical price
  • Fun activities and adventures for your family
  • Bicycles for hire
  • Different fun-places like Pool games, Lounge bar.
  • At Spa, rejuvenating, Ayurvedic and herbal massages by professionals
  • Garden and swimming pool
  • Elegant architecture of rooms
  • Facility of high-profile weddings, conferences and other corporate events
  • Open-air restaurant, free Wi-Fi, courtyard pool, excellent gardens, separate kitchens and many more
  • Facilitated with hundreds of tree gives breathtaking views of greenery
Logo of Firangipani Resort

The FirangiPani Resort