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    The Firangipani Country Resort

    The Firangipani Country Resort is a place beyond the reach of stressful modern life, a realm of complete relaxation with bliss. 

    A world away from the ordinary, this resort is a haven of luxury designed to pamper you in every way – with plush interiors, fine cuisine and restorative treatments. It is one of the best leisure resorts offers flexible indoor and outdoor function spaces that are perfect for kitty parties and private events. Get inspired and host unique events at our resort’s brilliant lush green lawn, beautiful sun deck and crystal blue pool. The Gathering is lawn that can accommodate 1000 guests. An exclusive pool side bar adds to the feeling of grandeur. Solar powered and designed for a perfect holiday, Firangipani offers a host of rejuvenating & recreational facilities.


    The Firangipani Country Resort offers a variety of facilities so you may experience both comfort and convenience during your stay. There will be a lot to explore as you enjoy this chapter to cherish forever.

    • Free Wifi

    • Air Conditioner

    • Car Parking

    • Visa & MasterCard

    • Room Service

    • Luggage




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    Logo of Firangipani Resort

    “A Staycation to treasure for a lifetime”

    Embrace an enchanted family adventure and luxury experience as you spend some quality time and rekindle the bond that matters the most. Experience the perfect blend of modern décor and classy design at The Firangipani Country Resort. The splendid ambience, an amazing view, and scrumptious meals are guaranteed to leave you spellbound offering a wide range of cuisines.

    "Ditch the monotonous fine dining restaurants and visit The Firangipani Country Resort Relax with your loved ones by sipping on our sparkling cocktails."

    Indulge in the epitome of culinary pleasures at The Firangipani Country Resort with your family and friends. Make a visit to the cheap and best resort in Punjab and experience a wide range of facilities. It’s time to feel complete relaxation with bliss. Relish all the mouth-watering delicacies at The Firangipani Country Resort and make the love with the flavour. Spend marvellous time with your family and friends in the midst of excellent services and warm ambience.

    “Where the flavour inebriates you”

    Indulge in the wide range of mouth-watering dishes crafted to perfection, that will surely leave you with the feeling of wanting more. The Firangipani Country Resort in Patiala offers an exceptional variety of in-dining and entertainment with something for every taste and occasion from light snacks to romantic candlelight dinner setting and gourmet fare. No matter what your palate desires, you will find a restaurant here that will satisfy you.

    “Sleep in the lap of luxury”

    If you believe in the perception of having an amazing stay experience – then make a whimsical stay at The Firangipani Country Resort and feel the difference. The Firangipani Country Resort is a place beyond the reach of stressful modern life, a realm of complete relaxation with bliss. It is a haven of luxury – with the ambience that soothes you, the food that makes you fall in love with its taste, the place is more than the usual. So get ready and pack yourself up – Experience the extraordinary element at the best resort in Punjab.