Let’s Splash at your Summer Pool Party- Firangipani

Let’s Splash at your Summer Pool Party- Firangipani


 In summertime especially in summer vacations, everyone wants to hang out or want to have party with friends or with family. So at that time, it’s better option to splash in the pool. It provides sight of relief to the visitors after their chaotic weekdays and makes their weekends tremendous. In that kind of events, there is also a calming and revitalizing effect of a great brunch, delicious mocktails and unlimited DJ wandering about are hard to overstate.

Now, if you want to make your weekends marvelous with summer pool party one of the best ways to kick start by heading down at the pool. Here continuous rainwater and DJ provide the complement to the scenes surrounding the pool.

Are you excited to attend the pool party? then don’t worry The FirangipaniCountry resort in Patiala will organize the pool party this summer with great bash. The Hard Rock resort has the right to claim this as one of their best inventions. Running until dusk all the way from midday, this event will really consider as the best event throughout Punjab.

The blue pool provides a much more modest environment to help you chill the day before away. There will huge hit with the crowd; the cabanas are shattered up quickly, so it’s worth. With DJ you will make your party atmosphere enjoyable.

With all these fun and lavish pool will help to make a marvelous day at Firangipani. So don’t delay and register yourself to participate in this event.

The Firangipani Country Resort welcomes you to the Pool Party. It’s time to explore shades of blue at The Firangipani’s rejuvenating pool while enjoying the beats of DJ.

Munch on your delicious food the way you want it and whenever you wish to have it.


Book Tickets: https://bit.ly/2II6Mqz

Entry Pass – INR 299/- inclusions

– Rain Dance
– DJ
– Unlimited Fun

Visit: https://bit.ly/2F900Jj

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